Compass Project Management Software

The bottom line is everyone has data. It is how you utilize that data that sets you apart from your competitors.

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The bottom line is that Compass saves time, reduces costs and improves results. Compass was written for the Engineering and Architect industry, but also accommodates the IT and Survey industries. Use Compass to organize, track and measure all activities, from initial planning, scheduling through to execution. The improved visibility and control you get from Compass helps you use resources more effectively and strategically. Compass provides immediate insight into and control over progress, dependencies, spending, and variances.

Contact Management

Control the data for each Client and Supplier. Add unlimited locations and contacts for each entry. Email directly out the application utilizing your prefered emial client. View all associated Projects, Invoices and Expenses.


Each Project is tracked along with the Time/Expenses/Prints. You can place a prject on hold and inform the internal and external team directly within the app. Compass can be connected to your server file drive or to a cloud service. Keep track of time by each task associated to the Project. This allows you to view which task is going over the estimated hours alloated. Have all your staff enter their time for each project and task. The system automatically tracks and calculates the charges for you.


Create an Invoice from a Project with selected Time/Expenses/Prints. This allows you to create perpetual invoicing for each project. The invoice can be emailed along with the time summary report to the client. No Double-Entry into Quickbooks Desktop. You can post directly into the accounting appication. Connections to more accounting applications are to come.


Associate an expense to a project so it can be invoiced to the client. Mark each line item as a chargeback to the client or not.


The Planner allows you to view not only Projects throughout a timeframe but also each task for that project in a gantt chart.