Well Project ERP Software

The bottom line is everyone has data. It is how you utilize that data that sets you apart from your competitors.

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As the pressure to deliver increases across the oil and gas industry, maximizing rig performance is vital to both oil companies and drilling contractors. Our software suite was developed to improve the overall control and efficiency of the daily operations and management of Well Project Management. Within the system, you will have one standardized system for data input, reporting, analysis and control of a wide range of rig project management related assets and activities.


Create Bids for clients as well as duplicate a bid from another. Create a Job from that Bid so pricing transfers to the DSR/Tickets. All info is carried forward.


DSR's are attached to each Job and then Tickets created and batched to the client. All pricing of course comes from the Bid. No need to guess on pricing. Communition through the Needs Module can be created for Purchasing items as well as Safety Incidents. Daily employee time is also accepted through the app.and attached to the DSR. Work Orders can also be created and attached to a Job/DSR. Clients can approve DSR's/Tickets electronically.


You can create one invoice for multiple Tickets to a Job. Your Invoice can automatically be sent by email to the client. Your purchaser can a Single Vendor PO from the approved Purchasing Requests across many Jobs. The items received are available to be attached to a DSR. The cycle ends (NEEDS -> PURCHASE REQUEST -> APPROVED -> PURCHASE ORDER -> RECEIVED -> DSR).

Health and Safety

All incidents can be created and attached to the Job/DSR. This includes employee behaviour and safety incidents. Employee certificates are also recorded and tracked to assist you in keeping compliant.

ERP System

The system is designed to accomodate Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Web. This allows your field personnel to access from an iPad or an iPhone. Your clients can interact with the app from a web browser.