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Our mission is to improve productivity within your organization - People, Business Vision, and Information Technology - must work in unison. Peak Ideas will find a solution that allows you to focus on your business.

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Peak Ideas is a leader in FileMaker database software. Customers across the oil and gas, architecture, engineering, lawyers, and financial industries utilize Peak Ideas expertise and knowledge to simulate their ideas for their organization's electronic data needs.

Through our apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, we’re also making corporate data accessible to everyone within your organization. This allows your employees to enter data in the field and view it from the corporate offices. Whether you are a one man operation or a large organization, we're taking technology to next stage of database applications at a cost that everyone can afford.

Peak Ideas has been developing database applications for over 16 years. Our Macintosh support has been around for 16 years with our office in Canmore, Alberta which we then closed and we moved to Calgary, Alberta.

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Custom Databases

Deciding whether or not your business would benefit from a custom software is a tough choice. Let us guide you in that choice.

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We have applications already designed and ready to be implented into your organization. See below to view the applications.

IT Market Research

Imagine knowing your IT strategy from the human point-of-view.

Service your Mac

Contact us to offer support for your organization's Macs. This includes Installs, Server Setup, Peripheral Installs, Network Design and Setup. Troubleshooting.

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